Our Wedding Reception

Belle-of-the-ball Stela Petrova

The belle of the ball--next to my lovely bride, of course--was young Stela Petrova. Stela's the daughter of my former AUBG colleague (and basketball teammate) Spas Petrov and his wife Mariana. She was easily the best dancer on the floor all evening. Here are Stela and Mariana.

Mom doing a traditional Bulgarian dance

We also told the restaurant owner that we wanted to celebrate Bulgarian traditions, and he responded by inviting a group of traditional Bulgarian dancers. Here's Mom with two of the dancers, learning the steps of a horo, a long dance in which many people hold hands and do the steps together. Mom's a very good dancer (ask her about American Bandstand sometime), so she was able to help me figure out some of the steps. There's a horo with about six steps that I can do. There's another one that has something like nineteen steps...when I try to do it, bystanders politely suggest to Rali that I may have had too much to drink.

feeding Rali

No mashing cake in each other's faces. See the cake in the next photo.

feeding Richie

I bent down a little to help Rali.

It's late...

Here's our final photo of the evening. Notice that we're wearing our wedding rings on our right hands, the Orthodox way (in the West, they're normally worn on the left hand).

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