Between the Church and the Restaurant

back down the church steps

After the church ceremony, we had about a 15-minute walk to the restaurant where we had our reception. One thing I love about life in Bulgaria is that almost every town has a central walking street and a large town square, both free of cars. [NOTE: Sofia has neither, which is a big reason we try to get out of Sofia as often as possible.] Here we are heading back down the same steps you saw in an earlier photo. Do we look different?

the town square

We crossed the enormous town square along the way. Behind us that building isn't a church; it's the monument to Russian war dead. Pleven was the site of a major battle during the war to liberate Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire in the late 1800s. Russian troops helped win the battle for Bulgaria, and Bulgaria built many monuments like this in thanks.

on the pedestrian street

I think this is my favorite wedding photo. We're on the central pedestrian street, next to the city flower garden. The building in the background here isn't a church's the town bath.

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