Ralitsa's Famous Apple Cake

Rali says, I experimented once with an apple and whatever else we had in the house before Rich came home from a business trip. He loved it but asked for whipped cream on top. I made him another one for St. Valentines and he ate about four in the next two weeks. Now I make it when I had an apple and less than ten minutes to make a cake. It is very light, fresh and easy. I also experimented with pineapple and I skipped the cinnamon that time.

Here's Rali's recipe...

What you need:

How to make it:

Peel and cut the apple into very thin slices. Turn the oven on to medium and put the pan in with the butter in it. When the butter is melted, take the pan out. In a mixing bowl, beat the eggs with the sugar until they rise. Add the melted butter, the flour, the dry milk, the milk, the baking powder, the vanilla and the cinnamon and beat at a low speed until well mixed. Make one layer of apple slices in the pan and pour the cake mixture over them.

Bake until golden let it cool completely before you invert the cake on a large plate. Serve chilled with whipped cream on top if desired.

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