Ralitsa's Famous Almond Delight

Rali says, I just invented this recipe last night and it has already made some fans. It consists of a cake and a light pudding like cream. All you need is a handful almonds, although I think it will be equally delicious if made with walnuts. Some American friends may even like it with peanuts but I do not like peanuts in sweet things. I don't like peanut butter either, but this is just me.

Here's Rali's recipe...

What you need:

How to make it:

Beat the eggs, half of the sugar and the flavor drops until firm, add the melted butter, the flour, mixed with the baking power, half of of the ground almonds and half a cup of milk and beat until smooth. Pour into a buttered and floured pan and bake until golden and not runny in the middle.

Make the pudding as described on the bag adding the ground walnuts to the dry mixture, add half a cup of milk more to make it more liquid than usual. When the cake has cooled, pour the remaining milk on it to moisten it, then pour the pudding on top and sprinkle with a little instant coffee, cocoa and powdered sugar. Let stand in the fridge at least two hours.

Garnish with whipped cream on top if you feel like not counting calories this day.

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