Rich and Rali's Photo Collection

This collection is the reason I finally got around to doing a homepage. Rali and I were on our honeymoon in Sri Lanka in August 1998, and I wondered how we could share our wedding and honeymoon photos with friends at home. It came to me suddenly...I'd sign up with a free homepage service and post them on the Internet. As it turned out, it would have been faster to print and mail multiple copies, but HTML coding, photo editing, etc., have been fun to learn.

In late March 2000, I bought a Kodak DC280 digital camera, in anticipation of our son's birth, so I can't use the lack of a scanner as an excuse for not adding new photos regularly anymore. Most of the digital camera photos will be of the kids, so I've created a separate index just for them.

In the summer of 2004, I bought a Canon PowerShot S410, which has been terrific. Great photo quality, and the camera's so small I can (and do) slip it into my pocket wherever I go.

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