Thanksgiving 1998

carving the turkey

First, in case you're curious about this whole file, Thanksgiving is not a Bulgarian holiday. It's an American holiday only. But I'm still an American, and I'm sure not about to ignore my favorite holiday just because I'm some 7000 miles from the US. I've cooked Thanksgiving dinner in Bulgaria every year since 1995.

I found turkeys for sale at my neighborhood supermarket, which is, coincidentally, the best supermarket in Bulgaria (one factor in our choosing our current apartment!). In the frozen foods section, there was a freezer full of second-quality English turkeys. So I chose the biggest one I could find and spent two days defrosting it. When I took off the wrapper, I found what made this one second-quality: it had only one leg. Needless to say, there was much hilarity at the table about this. By the way, on the morning I was cooking (Saturday, not Thursday), I went back to the supermarket for more things. And I noticed, over in a corner, far from everything, one lonely freezer. I strolled over to it and looked inside...and it was filled with first-quality American turkeys, for about the same price as my one-legged wonder! Too late for this year, though.

Anyway, we had a total of 13 people for dinner. The turkey was about the right size for everyone, with hardly any leftovers for me to enjoy later. Notice that the photo is taken from the side with the leg attached.

Daniel in mitts

Among the guests were our friends Mark and Laura and their son Daniel. Daniel enjoyed exploring our apartment, and was especially fascinated with the funny things I put on my hands to handle casserole dishes. So he decided to try them out for himself.

Daniel taking time out

Of course, being the youngest party guest, Daniel received plenty of attention. Eventually, he decided to take some time out, so he found a hiding place, but his father found him.

[Here's a quick mention of Mark's business: Jamadvice Travel. Highly recommended--we never book tickets with anyone else.]

Thanksgiving ends for Rali

We all know that turkey meat has that enzyme that makes you want to take a nap after Thanksgiving dinner. But Rali's a vegetarian...what's her excuse?

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