Nicki at three months

Nicki in rapture

Rali and I went to visit Alex and Svetla, our kumtsi (the couple for whom we were the best couple) in Plovdiv around the end of April, shortly after Nicoletta's three-month birthday. Nicki's thick black hair still hasn't turned blonde, as promised when she was one month old. But she's impossibly cute, clever, and very talented. Okay, there are no visible talents yet, but you can tell she has the potential for great talent.

That's Nicki, somewhere in there...

Here's Nicki shortly after her bath. I have another photo of her during her bath, but I'm not going to share it. If she finds out when she's sixteen or so that her godfather had posted a photo of her taking a bath on the Internet, I think she'll never speak to me again...

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