Photos of Friends

Brian and Beth

I met Brian at the University of Scranton, where he graduated a year ahead of me in 1987. Beth graduated from the U of S two years after me in 1990. They were married in July 1998, just about two weeks before Rali and I were married. Unfortunately, we couldn't attend each other's weddings...but the least I can do is to post their wedding photo. This was published in the Scranton Times in January 1999.

Pete Getzie's office

Pete is another friend from the U of S. He's a lawyer for the Pennsylvania state government. That's Pete, on the far right in this photo. I'd like to be able to post a photo from Pete's wedding to the lovely Rahat. Whaddya say, Pete?

Mickee and Wes

One more friend from the U of S, this is Wes, who's serving in the US military in Kentucky. The young lady is his daughter, Mickee. Check out Wes, Missy, and Mickee's homepage at

Young Jasmina

At the American University in Bulgaria, I met Matthew, who spent two years on the faculty. He married Lyubomira, and they had their first child in December 1998. This is Lyubomira with young Jasmina.

Young Laura, in a blue mood

At a dinner party on Christmas 1998, we met Deborah and Vassil. Vassil is Bulgarian, Deborah is American, and they live in Austria, so their daughter, Laura, has her choice of three different passports to use. She's less than two years old, though, so she won't have to make this choice on her own for some time. Here's Laura in a blue mood, with Rali and Deborah.

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