Limassol, Cyprus

Themis and Elena with Rali and me

I met Themis at the University of Maine, where we both studied for an MBA. Rali and I visited him and his fiancee, Elena, at their home in Limassol, Cyprus, in September 1996, then went back to Limassol for their wedding in November 1997. It was a lovely wedding in a Greek Orthodox church. The ceremony was similar to a Bulgarian Orthodox wedding ceremony, except that we couldn't understand a word of it, of course. Here we are together at the reception. Clockwise from top left are Themis, Rali, me, and Elena.

Themis and Elena's wedding cake

Before the reception dinner was a reception cocktail, and eventually Themis and Elena cut the wedding cake. We thought we'd get a photo by the cake before it was sliced. But the icing was made of some hardened-frosting substance that Themis and Elena couldn't even force the knife through, although they sure looked dangerous leaning on the knife together and trying.

Rali on a bench outside the church

I love this picture. We arrived a couple minutes early at the church, so we had time to wait.

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