Grandpa Roesing's 2004 Christmas present

All I can see is a mustache...
Rich and his sister Meredith joined forces to buy Grandpa Roesing's 2004 Christmas gift, a camouflage hunting outfit. In our defense, we didn't actually see the outfit first--Grandma Roesing chose it, and we chipped in. When I showed this photo to Kristof, he was a little confused about what he was seeing.

The culprit revealed
When Kristof saw the follow-up photo, it was easier for him: "It's Grandpa with tractors!" Kristof keeps his grandparents straight by remembering that one set of grandparents (Rich's parents) lives on a farm in America and has tractors, while the other set of grandparents (Rali's parents) lives in a city in Bulgaria and has no tractors. Hence, Grandpa Roesing is "Grandpa with tractors" and Grandpa Iliev is "Grandpa with no tractors."

In any case, turkeys are hereby forewarned that Grandpa Roesing is better-dressed for hunting season!

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