Kristof, Kelvin, and Carmen Roesing

Kelvin, Kristof, and Carmen (left to right) on Carmen's birthday, when she was less than three hours old.
Kristof, 16 June 2000
Kelvin, 02 October 2002
Kristof (top) and Kelvin (bottom), each at two months and 10 days.
Kristof and Kelvin on 13 January 2003
Kristof and Kelvin playing at home in Zagreb on 13 January 2003.

Kristof is our first child, born in 2000 in Bulgaria. Kelvin, our second child, was born in 2002 in Croatia. Carmen, our third child and first daughter, was born in 2005 in England.

Family contact information (NOTE: all links bring up a mail-message window). The boys' parents are Ralitsa Roesing and Rich Roesing. Their grandparents are Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Iliev of Pleven, Bulgaria, and Mr. & Mrs. Richard Roesing of Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, USA.

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