Kelvin and Kristof in September 2002

A two-man tent
Actually, this is an August photo. On 31 August we made a day trip across the Slovenian border to the water park at Terme Catez. Since it was sunny day and we didn't have an umbrella, we made a "tent" for Kelvin to stay out of the sun. It was pleasant enough inside that Kristof elected to join him!

The boys on 07 September 2002 The two boys together on 07 September. Kristof was two years, five months old, Kelvin about a month-and-a-half.

Swingers, caught in the act The pivnica ("beer hall") in our neighborhood is a great place for Kristof to sneak off with his girlfriend Shira for an afternoon of swinging. In case you're worried that they're too young for this sort of thing, look closely at the photo: the arm over Kristof and Shira belongs to Shira's big (six years old!) brother Jotam, who was on chaperone duty.

More shampoo, please? Friends often ask how the two boys get along, and whether Kristof is jealous of Kelvin's presence. So far, Kristof's been a great big brother. We've tried hard to keep him involved, asking him to help with chores related to Kelvin. "Please take Kelvin's clothes to the laundry," "please bring a clean diaper for Kelvin," and the like. It's been working well so far (knock on wood!). Kristof even shares his bath with Kelvin.

Iceberg ahead... Rali took the boys for a two-week visit to Bulgaria. Since she doesn't drive and the train trip to her parents' hometown lasts some 20-22 hours, she decided to fly. Czech Air was very helpful to a mom traveling with two small children, and everyone enjoyed the trip. Here's a photo from a park in Rali's hometown of Pleven.

Kelvin soaks in the glamour.
Rali and the boys were fortunate to enjoy great weather on their trip. Kelvin had his first experience with Bulgarian outdoor cafe culture.

Sofialand opening While they were in Sofia, they attended the Grand Opening of Sofialand, a Western-style amusement park.

A long day at Sofialand Of course, children will enjoy an amusement park only to a certain point, after which they're a little burned out. Kristof refueled with a Coke, while Kelvin chose a healthier drink.

Kristof and Tanyo Rali and Kristof met with many of their old friends in Sofia. Here's Kristof with Tanyo, the son of Dessi and Willie.

At the Hali, 26 September 2002 Aunt Vera took Kelvin shopping in Sofia on 26 September. Here they're at the Hali, an indoor marketplace in the center.

On the way home Alas, all good trips must come to an end. Grandma and Grandpa came to Sofia to escort Rali and the boys to the airport for the trip home on 29 September 2002.

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