Kristof--September 2000

Kristof from all sides
In early September, we traveled to Pleven to visit Rali's parents for a few days. Kristof loves seeing his reflection, so he really enjoys the full-length mirror on the back of the apartment door. Rali took him to the mirror to get him into a good mood before giving him his bath. Apologies in advance to anyone offended by the graphic nudity!

at the flower garden in Pleven
Most cities in Bulgaria have a long central street closed to traffic. Pleven's pedestrian street is lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes, and includes flower gardens and fountains. Here's one of the flower gardens.

at the fountain in Pleven
Here are Rali and Kristof in front of the largest fountain in town. Through the water, you can see the outline of the Pleven mausoleum, where the bones of soldiers killed in the fight for Bulgaria's independence are kept.

Close your eyes, hold your breath...
Here's a bath photo from September 4, 2000, when Kristof was just under five months old. Don't be fooled by the faces he makes...he loves the tub!

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