Kristof--November 2000

After almost eight months of life, Kristof decided it was about time to emigrate from his home country, Bulgaria. His father accepted a job with Save the Children in Kosovo, but the final decision on moving was Kristof's. He gave the thumbs-up (or sucked on his fingers, at least--we think that meant a thumbs-up), so we packed and left for Kosovo in late November. Here's the last month of photos from Bulgaria.

How do I start this sleigh?
What's the point of having children and pets, if not to dress them up in goofy clothes and take photos of them? Kristof enjoyed his Santa costume a bit more than Jackie enjoyed her reindeer costume, of course.

How do I start this reindeer?

More sophisticated flirting to come later
On November 17, Kristof went to a birthday party with a few friends around his age. Naturally, he wanted to spend some time with the cutest girl at the party; here he is, flirting with Nona Dimitrova again.

Mommy, hurry up--I'm ready to go!
During a trip to Pleven early in November, the whole family was going out for a drive, but Rali wasn't ready. Kristof didn't want to wait any longer, so he hopped into the driver's seat. Don't worry--I didn't give him the keys.

Bathtime, November 26
Okay, I take too many bathtub photos. So sue me. This one's from November 26.

A wild ride ahead
And this one's from November 19.

Dropped the ducky...
And this one's also from November 19. It's an action photo--Kristof had just dropped the blue ducky, but hadn't yet been startled by the splash.

A Bulgarian Eskimo
And yes, Kristof does spend time outside the bathtub. Early November was cold in Sofia, so Rali bought him a new hat, which looks vaguely Mongolian to me. Here's Kristof on November 13, bundled up and ready to head outside onto the frigid streets.

Early driving lesson
Kristof's car was a christening gift from Nikki, Svetla, and Alex in Plovdiv. They gave it to him in early October, but it wasn't until mid-November that his feet reached the floor and he was able to drive it.

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