Carmen's first month in London

Kristof in St. James Park On May 20, Kristof paused at the end of the lake in St. James Park, near Buckingham Palace, where the Houses of Parliament are visible through the trees.

Trafalgar Square Rich and Kristof in Trafalgar Square on May 23.

All three Roesing kids Kristof and Kelvin have been thrilled to have a little sister. Because the sun rises so early in London, and the boys often wake with the sun, Rali and I occasionally woke to the pitter-patter of small feet: the boys came tiptoeing into our room to see Carmen in her crib. Here, the boys wanted to lie down on the bed with Carmen and sing songs to her.

Kelvin and Carmen on the Thames On May 27, Kelvin and Carmen paused while crossing the Thames on the pedestrian bridge near Charing Cross station.

The whole extended family On May 20, Rali's sister Vera came to London to visit and be an occasional babysitter. Here's the whole Bulgarian side of the family, with the Houses of Parliament and Waterloo Bridge in the background. The boys were able to point toward "Big Ben" from almost anywhere we were in London!

It's a long way down... This statue was from a monument to animals killed in war. It's just down the street from the US Embassy in London, and right on the pedestrian crossing we usually used to walk to Hyde Park.

The Princess Diana fountain At the Diana Princess of Wales memorial fountain on 01 June.

Fierce tiger On 04 June, the whole family went to a Cuban festival on the south bank of the Thames, where Kristof had his face painted. He initially asked to be an anteater, but the artist felt more comfortable doing a tiger. "Do you want to be a friendly tiger or a fierce tiger?" she asked Kristof. Kristof didn't have to think for long: a fierce tiger!

A boy and his tiger Unfortunately, the line for face-painting was extremely long, so Kelvin didn't have his face painted...but we thought he looked great nonetheless.

With Magdalena Rali's childhood friend Magdalena, who's lived in London for a long time, met us at the Cuban festival, and we all walked over to Leicester Square for some ice cream.

Skater Boy
Kristof asked very nicely, and Rich bought him a pair of inline skates. After some initial struggles, Kristof soon got the hang of standing up on the skates. His bike helmet was home in Nigeria, so whenever he actually skated, he held Rich's hand; he didn't skate on his own for safety reasons. But he's looking forward to doing it back in Abuja!

Rali and Ed On Rich's last day in London, 05 June, we managed to meet with an old friend (and fellow hasher) from Zagreb, Ed from Belfast.

Rali and Ilir Also on Rich's last day, we met with an old friend (and fellow AUBG alum) from Bulgaria, Ilir from Tirana.

And Rich headed back to Abuja late on the evening of 05 June. It was sad to say goodbye to Carmen, Kelvin, Kristof, and Rali, but it was wonderful to be able to spend the six weeks together with them in London.

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