Carmen joins the family!

Can we hold her?
The day after Carmen's birth, Kristof and Kelvin begged to visit her in the hospital. Carmen was so small that the boys both wanted to hold her. Rich agreed to let the boys put their arms under her. Kristof went first, and was very careful with her.

A kiss from a Roesing
Then Kelvin took a turn with Carmen and decided to kiss her.

Boys, you were that small once... Just to show how small she is, the boys lay down on Rali's hospital bed with Carmen. Don't be alarmed: the diaper's just ill-fitting, not full.

Grandpa and Carmen Grandma and Grandpa Roesing came to London to visit for a week, starting when Carmen was five days old. This photo was of Grandpa's first meeting with Carmen, just minutes after they arrived.

A day out in Greenwich Grandma and Grandpa were interested in taking a boat trip on the River Thames, so on their first full day in London, they went together with Kelvin, Kristof, and Rich on a cruise to Greenwich. This photo was from the Greenwich Observatory hill, the site of the Prime Meridian (zero degrees longitude). As you look down the hill, the building at the bottom is the Maritime Museum, where Kristof, Grandma, and Grandpa went to a planetarium show. Kristof was thrilled, since we'd been promising him a trip to the planetarium while we were still in Nigeria, only to find that the planetarium down the block from our apartment, the one attached to Madame Tussaud's wax museum, was closed. You can see the Thames in the back of the photo.

Faster, Grandpa! Grandma and Grandpa took the boys on a stroll through the flower gardens and parks of Greenwich. Or perhaps the boys took Grandma and Grandpa on a stroll...

Carmen and Grandma By the time she was six days old, Carmen was opening her eyes and looking around regularly. Here she is with Grandma.

Carmen, Grandma, and Grandpa Not to be outdone, Grandpa joined Grandma and Carmen, and not only did Carmen shift her eyes to him, but she squeezed his finger as well.

Feeding time at the zoo We all spent a Sunday together at the wonderful London Zoo. At feeding time (not for the animals), Kristof took this photo of Rali and Carmen.

Bear Rider
At the zoo, Kelvin was especially fascinated with a small statue of a bear cub, and decided to explore it up close.

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