London in spring 2005

We're not in Nigeria anymore...
Rich arrived in London on 23 April, a year to the day after the family arrived in Nigeria. During that first year, the family took no vacations, so Rich was glad to get on the plane to London. The day after he arrived, the family went out for a walk and stopped at the famous statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus, about 40 minutes' walk from their apartment.

Rali with about 2.9 children
And Rali took a turn with the boys by the same fountain.

You can take the boy out of Nigeria...
In Leicester Square, Rich and Kristof found a plaque pointing out the direction and distance to Abuja: 2962 miles, or 4768 kilometers.

Hanging out on the South Bank
Near the London Eye is a great playground, where Kristof enjoyed hanging out. Notice Kelvin cheering him on!

And I helped!
Our kitchen is pretty small, particularly compared to the kitchen back home in Abuja, but both boys found space at the counter to prepare scrambled eggs. Kristof cracks and blends the eggs, while Kelvin crushes some basil and parsley with the mortar and pestle. Rich does the actual cooking!

Patriotism is in the eye of the beholder
Around the corner from our apartment is a plaque on a townhouse wall marking the residence of Benedict Arnold, a notorious figure from the American Revolution who spied for the British against the Americans. For Americans, a "Benedict Arnold" is a traitor, but the other side in the war would view Arnold's role differently.

On a routine expedition
The boys love the museums of London, particularly the Science and Natural History museums. The Natural History museum offers Explorer kits for young visitors to the museum, with pith helmets, binoculars, and backpacks.

The flowers of Greenwich
On 29 April, the family took a boat trip down the River Thames to the city of Greenwich, site of the Prime Meridian (zero longitude). After a tour of the observatory, we enjoyed a walk in the flower gardens.

A bad case of Visible Belly Button
Just five days before Rali's due date, we bought day passes for London Transport and hopped on and off the bus at various places. We walked across Tower Bridge (in the background) and stopped for photos on the South Bank. It's hard to believe that Rali's belly can get any bigger!

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