London in spring 2005

Captain Kristof and first mate Johnny
Rali's parents came to London to visit her and the boys for 17 days. Unfortunately, Rich didn't arrive until after they left. They had a wonderful time. Here are Grandpa Johnny and Kristof on the lake in Hyde Park.

Life vest fitting
Kristof and Kelvin showed off their fashion accessories.

The height of fashion in Trafalgar Square
The boys are endlessly fascinated with the enormous lions at the base of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square.

Wildlife in the big city
Regents Park is just a short walk from Rali's apartment. While walking in the flower gardens there, Kristof and Kelvin were frozen in their tracks by a squirrel.

The whole family in London on 03 April
After a long and full day at the London Zoo, that's Grandma Vili, Kristof, Kelvin, Rali, and Grandpa Johnny, from left to right.

What a ride!
On 05 April, the family took a trip on the London Eye, the 450-foot tall ferris wheel overlooking the Thames River. Kelvin especially loved the Eye!

How old are you now?
Kristof celebrated his fifth birthday on 06 April with a small party at home. Rich was still in Nigeria, but called to sing "happy birthday" to Kristof. Kristof thanked him for singing, and thanked him more for stopping.

A final walk in Regents Park
Just before they left on 17 April, Grandma and Grandpa went for one last walk in the flower gardens of Regents Park with the boys.

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