Kristof in Zagreb--June/July 2001

Kristof enjoys hiking in his own way
On 14 July 2001, we took Kristof out for a hike to Sljeme, the peak that overlooks Zagreb. A short tram ride from our house is the base of the cable car to the top. We rode the cable car, enjoyed lunch at a restaurant at the top, and strolled around the well-marked hiking paths for a little while. Apparently the effort was a little too much for Kristof, who decided to curl up for an afternoon nap.

If Kristof can't sleep...NOBODY sleeps!
When Kristof is up late at night, everybody is up. Jackie, our cocker spaniel, and Mishka, our fat gray cat, sometimes try to hide from Kristof together. On this particular late night, Kristof found them.

Some beer would go well with the mushrooms, Grandpa...
Just down the road from our house in Zagreb is a pivnica, or beer hall. It's an excellent place to while away hot summer evenings. When Rali's parents came to visit us in Zagreb, we spent plenty of time there. Here's Rali's dad with Kristof on the evening of 12 July 2001. Kristof was enjoying the shared plate of grilled mushrooms, although we had to say no when he asked for some beer to wash them down.

A stroll in the neighborhood
We live in a nice neighborhood on the north side of town, in the foothills of the mountain overlooking Zagreb. The walk from our house to the pivnica takes us along this street.

Well, I say we should go THIS way!
Kristof and Ralitsa don't always share the same opinion about how his stroller should be pushed. Kristof usually wins, of course.

Walking with Jackie
When we first arrived in Zagreb, we stayed at the Hotel Dubrovnik, a large business hotel right in the center of Zagreb. Just around the corner from the hotel begins a lovely series of parks that both Jackie and Kristof enjoyed.

Grandma Ilieva, enjoying Zagreb
An excellent place for sightseeing in Zagreb is the tower at the top of the funicular. We climbed to the top of the tower, and after everyone caught their breath, I took this photo of Rali's mom. Behind her is the beautiful St. Mark's Cathedral.

Preparing for sightseeing
On Sunday, 15 July 2001, I treated Rali and her parents to an aerial sightseeing tour over Zagreb and the castles of the region. Unfortunately, the plane was just a three-seater, or Kristof and I would also have gone. "An unforgettable experience," said Grandma Ilieva.

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