Abuja, Nigeria, in June 2004

At the pool with Kelvin on 27 June 2004 Kelvin was a little under two years old here, at a swimming pool at a hotel in town where we love to spend Sunday afternoons.

Kristof and Ulaku on 19 June 2004 When we arrived in the spring of 2004, Kristof immediately started attending school (Kelvin was too young at the time, but started in the fall). His best friend in school was a Nigerian girl named Ulaku. After school ended, Kristof was sad that he wouldn't see Ulaku all summer, so he invited her over for a play date.

Rali's braiding At the end of Kristof's school year, the school had a carnival, with rides, snacks, and games. Rali had her hair done with a traditional Nigerian braid. Not a full set of braids like Ulaku's, though!

Kelvin on 05 June 2004
At the same carnival, Kelvin enjoyed some of the kids' toys. He was impressed enough that he agreed to enroll in the school for fall semester.

They call me Bird...
At a children's birthday party on 04 June 2004, the party bags handed out to all partygoers included these little saxophones. Kristof clearly inherits his musical talent from his parents.

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