Kelvin's first days

The Roesing boys
Kristof and his dad bonding with Kelvin on Thursday, 25 July, when Kelvin was about 43 hours old.
Kelvin at 43 hours
Here's Kelvin at about 43 hours after his birth. He ages well, doesn't he?
Kristof meeting Kelvin for the first time
Kelvin was just 19 hours old when his brother Kristof visited him for the first time. Kristof was very good with his brother, and even gave him a kiss.
Kelvin at 20 hours
Kelvin was about 20 hours old when I took this photo. Non-parents, don't worry--he's perfectly healthy! This is how newborn babies look!
Kelvin, a few minutes after his birth
Kelvin with Rali, just a few minutes after his birth on 23 July 2002.

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