Abuja, Nigeria, in July 2004

Getting ready... Kelvin celebrated his second birthday in July, together with a large group of children at our compound. Two other children were also celebrating birthdays at the same party, five-year-old Grayson and nine-year-old Meredith. Kelvin's warming up for his turn blowing out candles...

Action! Kelvin has the green light to blow out the candles...

Success! ...and he was successful, and greeted with tremendous applause by all!

The moms at the triple birthday party From left to right, Mary, Kathy, and Rali, the mothers of the three birthday kids.

Warming up for the 5K race The next day, after Kelvin's birthday, we took part in a 5K race benefiting the Safe Blood for Africa Foundation. Kristof wore his race number because he walked the whole route. Kelvin sat in the jogging stroller while Rich pushed him, so Kelvin's number was on the stroller. In this photo, the boys warmed up for the race by playing in the park where the race started and finished.

Cooling down after the 5K race First place in the 0-3 Years Age Group: Kelvin. First place in the 4-10 Years Age Group: Kristof. First place in the Bulgarian Nationality Group: Rali. First place in the Two Meters and Up Height Group: Rich. It was a blue-ribbon day for the family! Rich and Kelvin's crossing the finish line was broadcast on Nigerian national TV that night. All participants won T-shirts and caps at a post-race ceremony. Kristof's was a little long, but he'll grow into it.

Drying off on 25 July 2004 We visited friends for a barbecue on 25 July. The boys were much less interested in the food than in the pool, of course.

Cool skids! Rich ordered a few pairs of shoes online. When we unpacked them at home, Kelvin wanted to be the first to try them out!

Riding on the USS Daddy Both boys love swimming and enjoyed the swimming pool in our compound almost every day. Kristof now swims on his own in the big pool (with supervision), while Kelvin's not afraid of the water. He enjoys riding on Rich's belly while Rich swims backwards. Here they are together on 21 July.

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