Abuja, Nigeria, in July 2004

The boys' tan lines after 10 weeks in the African sun
Although we always apply sunscreen whenever the boys go out, enough ultraviolet rays still get through to give them tan lines. Here they are on 04 July 2004, after just 10 weeks in the African sun.

A little to the left, please Kristof loves the power water hose and always wants to help the driver wash the car. He even was asking the driver to wash the car more than once a day, so he can watch and help. Rali had to ask the driver not to listen to the four-year old master.

Here, he really loves the power water hose! Our car is eight years old, but you cannot tell because it is always so clean.

Kristof enjoys a playdate at the Hilton pool Over the summer we met other moms and kids for different activities four times a week. Naturally, we had a lot of pool parties.

Lazy Sunday afternoons at the Mediterranean pool We spent a few leisurely afternoons in the hot rainy season at this pool. There is a swim-up bar, so you sit in the water and drink beer. There is a lunch buffet from 2 to 6, all you can eat, and there is a petting zoo in the back yard--what more could you want? In case of rain, there is a pool table and dart board inside.

Kristof sporting the tan of a beach boy Kristof is having one of his favorites - rice with corn for lunch.

Kelvin's typical meal Kelvin often sees the meal and says: I don't like that. Then he ends up eating a lot of crackers, nuts and raisins and drinking a tall cup of milk.

Rich usually looks like this on Fridays in the office
Rich has four traditional Nigerian outfits so far and wears them every Friday to work. They are colorful, bold, and most importantly as comfortable as PJs.

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