A Trip to Bled, Slovenia, in October 2002

Enjoying a kremshnita with Kelvin On the weekend of 05-06 October 2002, we piled into the car for a weekend trip to Bled, Slovenia, a lovely mountain lake resort about 2-1/2 hours' drive from Zagreb. We'd been there before, for Kristof's first birthday, but it was Kelvin's first trip. While Kristof napped, Rali treated Kelvin to his first kremshnita, the famous Bled cream cake.

On the docks
After the cake break, we went for a walk around the lake. Kristof woke up eventually and wanted to go down to the water. This photo was at the opposite end of the lake from the one previous one. The church in the background is on a tiny island in the lake.

Kristof's runny-nose portrait It was a cloudy weekend, but it never rained. We all did plenty of walking, except Kelvin, who rode everywhere.

At the castle In this photo, we had climbed to the castle that appears in the background of the kremshnita photo above, and we're looking down at the church on the island that appears in the background of the two photos above.

Jackie, please don't jump... We took a boat ride out to the island church on Sunday morning. Jackie, fortunately, stayed on board until we docked.

On the island
Kristof, Kelvin, Jackie, and Rich paused to enjoy the views from the churchyard on the island.

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