Kelvin's first month

Dad and Kelvin, 26 AUG 2002
Kelvin and his dad on 26 August 2002.
Always Coca-Cola
Kristof finishing his Coke on 26 August 2002.
Our tandem stroller
On 22 August 2002, we bought a double stroller. This model wasn't sold in Croatia; it was special-ordered for us from Luxembourg. But it was worth the wait--the boys love it. Here they are with Rali on their very first ride in it, out for a walk in our neighborhood.
Kelvin opens his eyes for a photo!
Rali and the boys on 18 August 2002. Kristof was grinning in all of the other photos I took that evening, but this was the only one where Kelvin had his eyes open. Sorry, Kristof...this is the photo I'm posting!
Kelvin's bath, 10 AUG 2002
Kelvin in the bath, 10 August 2002.
Kristof' helping, 10 AUG 2002
And if Kelvin's in the bath, Kristof's around to help!
Grandma and Grandpa with Kristof, 09 AUG 2002
Shortly after Kelvin was born, Rali's parents came for a two-week visit that ended too quickly. It was their first visit since Christmas 2001, and they were impressed at how much Kristof had grown.
Terme Catez 04 AUG 2002
On 04 August 2002, Grandma, Grandpa, Kristof, and Rich went to Terme Catez, a swim complex across the Slovenian border, for a day of swimming and sunburn.
At Pivnica Mlinarica, 30 JUL 2002
Shortly after Rali's parents arrived, we all headed out to our favorite pivnica ("beer hall"). Grandpa made the mistake of taking out his camera within Kristof's reach.
Sharing a bath, 28 JUL 2002
Kristof's been an excellent big brother...he even shares his bath with Kelvin! In this photo, Kelvin was just five days old.

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