Kristof--August 2000

Kristof's first public skinnydipping experience
On a hot August day, Rali and I went to a clean private pool in Sofia. We took turns swimming so that one of us would be watching Kristof at poolside all the time. Then we figured it wasn't really fair that we could enjoy the pool on a hot day, but Kristof had to sit and watch. So we undressed him and invited him into the water, where he enjoyed his first skinnydipping experience.

The boys in Borovets
Near the end of August, Rali and I took Kristof on a brief trip to the Rila mountains. We were surprised to find how difficult it was to find accommodations. With the benefit of hindsight, this was probably because we looked in lodges, hotels, and hizhas that were close to parking areas. We wound up spending a night in the popular mountain resort of Borovets. We sat outside for a beer before dinner in the evening air, and Kristof decided that he wanted to take a more active part in our beer-drinking. If you've been to Borovets, you might recognize the distinctive outline of the Hotel Rila behind me.

Aunt Vera, does yellow really match your outfit?
Kristof's Aunt Vera, Rali's sister, came to visit him one day. I snapped a few photos while they were playing together, and this was the one in which both were smiling, neither one blinked at the flash, etc. We didn't notice until later that the photo had captured so much of Vera's outfit!

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