Abuja, Nigeria, from August to November 2004

The boys on the boulevard
Kelvin and Kristof took Rich out for a walk on August 21 in our neighborhood.

How much fun can you have before dessert? On August 26, the boys shared a seat on the front porch. It won't be long before they're too big to share a chair anymore.

Kelvin in suspense
On September 18, the family attended a community party for Mexican Independence Day. When children lined up to take shots at the pinata, Kelvin was still a bit too small, so he asked our steward/nanny Celina to help him see better.

Two very cool dudes Autumn in Abuja...the boys insisted on hats and sunglasses before going out for a walk on October 24.

Marine Ball 2004 in Lagos
In early November, Rich and Rali flew to Lagos for the social event of the season, the annual Marine Corps Anniversary Ball. We'd been to the Marine Ball in Zagreb for the past three years. It's a great party, and an honorable occasion. Rali was about three months pregnant at the time and just beginning to show.

Kelvin, merely observing Rich and the boys went to a barbecue at one of the life camps on the outskirts of Abuja on 21 November. Kristof met up with a friend, Yuri, and spent the afternoon playing with him, while Kelvin decided to do his own thing for much of the day.

Someday Kristof will dwarf the vegetation This photo was from November 28, right around Thanksgiving. Not exactly white-and-drifting-snow, but Kristof enjoyed Thanksgiving in Abuja very well!

The view from our front yard Kristof wanted to take this photo. It's from our front lawn looking out toward the kids' playground equipment. We're very happy with our housing.

Can you find Kelvin? He's the one in blue. November 30 was the date of the end-of-term school production at Kristof and Kelvin's school. In Kelvin's class, students were directed to wear light blue clothing. Kelvin had a very nice Nigerian caftan tailored for the occasion, and he looked terrific!

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