Kristof and Kelvin went out for a walk in the snowy fields of Pennsylvania on March 6. This was quite a change from the heat of Nigeria!

All three kids enjoyed the farm machinery. Don't worry...they never even noticed the rifle.

By March 13, the weather had warmed up a bit on the farm, and we were able to walk around in T-shirts.

Grandpa Roesing has mapped out a nice walking trail all around the farm. Kelvin was nervous about walking in the woods, but once he had a good walking stick, he overcame his fear!

The whole family went for a walk in the woods on the farm on March 16. Carmen was fast asleep, but enjoyed the trip anyway.

We decided not to spend our entire home leave in Pennsylvania, so we visited Aunt Meredith and Uncle Greg in Connecticut. With a houseful of kids, Chuck E. Cheese was a lifesaver. Here are Carmen and Chuck E. on March 19.

On March 20, we made a day trip to beautiful Newport, Rhode Island. It was a cold and windy day, but the blue skies and the ocean were really nice.

Also on March 20, we enjoyed the Cliff Walk, with views over the ocean.

On March 21, we visited Mystic, Connecticut, not far from Aunt Meredith and Uncle Greg's home.

On the way home from Mystic, Kristof and Kelvin decided to take advantage of the warmer weather and go for a walk on the beach.

Since we returned to the US, Carmen was more assertive about standing up, rather than just sitting and crawling. We visited the Children's Museum in Boston on March 23, where she enjoyed the interactive exhibits.

Carmen, Kelvin, Kristof, and cousin Zack all enjoyed an Easter egg hunt on March 25, a few weeks early, just so the kids could do it together.

While Carmen wasn't an active participant in the Easter egg hunt, she was a careful observer of Kelvin's strategy!

Rarely did any of the kids simply walk to find eggs. It was always a sprint.

The Easter egg hunt in Aunt Meredith and Uncle Greg's backyard on March 25 was such a success, we did it again on March 26 in the front yard.

The novelty of egg hunting hadn't worn off on the second day, and again, the chase was on in earnest.

As our home leave was ending, the sun was shining more and more, and we regularly went for walks outside. Our Nigerian tans faded fast, but we still enjoyed the Pennsylvania sun, especially Carmen. This photo is from March 28.

This was from March 29, Carmen's last bath in Pennsylvania before we headed off to Virginia. If you look closely, you can see her four teeth. By the way, that's a happy face!

The home we're renting includes a Jacuzzi in the bathtub. We don't have to argue with the boys to get them to take a bath anymore.

We arrived in the Washington area during the cherry blossom season. While Rich was in training, Rali and the kids went for walks downtown. This photo is from near the Tidal Basin on April 4.

April 6 was Kristof's sixth birthday. Rali made him a birthday cake, and Kristof decorated it himself. Look closely, and you'll see the sailboat with balloons flying from the mast.

Kristof, Carmen, Rali, and Kelvin visited the World War II Memorial on April 6.

The kids are in front of one of the Smithsonian museums here, also on April 6.

April 10 was a beautiful day, and Rali took the kids for a walk near the White House.

Another April 10 photo.

Yet another April 10 photo.

And one more April 10 photo, also near the White House.

The cup was only slightly smaller than Carmen herself. Don't worry...she didn't finish it.

Out for a walk on April 12.

Kelvin in downtown Washington DC on April 12.

The boys were happy with their walk, but Carmen was a little tired at this point.

There are many parks near our house in Arlington, Virginia.

Kristof wears a watch and can tell time. Of course, it helps that the watch is digital.

Kristof took this photo on April 13 on Military Road in Washington.

Another April 13 photo.

Carmen and Kelvin sharing a ride.

Carmen was happy to share her seat with Kristof, as long as he didn't try to steer.

Another playground near our house, on April 15. Carmen enjoyed the sunshine.

While Carmen's getting bigger and bigger, she still looks small around grown-ups. Here are Carmen and Rali on April 15.

On April 16, we had our own Easter egg hunt in our backyard. Kristof and Kelvin didn't need to change out of their PJs.

Carmen didn't change out of her PJs for the Easter egg hunt. Fortunately, Rich did.

Here are the boys in front of our rental house in Arlington on April 16.

Also on April 16, the two boys in a tree in our front yard.

Carmen was standing on her own regularly by April 16. The boys rushed to her side to offer support, but she didn't need it.

Carmen looks up to Kelvin. Don't worry...the lawn was mowed not long after this!

Carmen stands, but she doesn't run yet!

All three kids on April 18.