April 5, 2008

Cleaning up after the March 16 snow

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The kids helped shovel snow after the March 16 snowstorm (that’s the one in which Rali ran the 10k race, below). We have only one snow shovel, so the kids took turns. Kelvin used a broom and rake to clean around the side of the house. Here’s Carmen on the front sidewalk.

Carmen in the snow

And after she got tired, she handed the shovel off to Kristof, who cleaned the back porch.

Kristof cleans the porch

The kids on the playground

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Here’s a photo of Kristof, Kelvin, and Carmen (l-r) on a Calgary playground on March 7, 2008. Kelvin and Kristof chose this photo for posting. Kristof says, “This photo was at Rotary Park. Rotary Park also has a wading pool, but we didn’t go wading that day!”

The kids on the playground

March 23, 2008

The Great White North

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January 2008 was pretty chilly in Calgary, as you might expect. Here’s Rich coming home from work one evening at 5:50 p.m., in the pitch dark, after a 20-minute walk from the office in -26C temperatures:

Even colder than he looks...

Ski jump, by Kelvin

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In January, each member of Kelvin’s first-grade science class built some kind of building or structure. Kelvin’s assignment, appropriate for Canada, was a ski jump:

Kelvin's ski jump

March 18, 2008

Three kids on the sofa

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On February 9, all three kids decided they were cold and needed blankets, and their heads were tired, so they needed pillows. This is the result:The kids in matching colors

March 12, 2008

A toothless tiger

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On March 11, Kelvin lost a tooth for the first time, just before breakfast. Luckily, the next thing he had to eat was a banana with peanut butter, not celery or carrots! Here’s his new smile. The chipped top tooth is from Nigeria; the bottom front tooth is the missing one.Kelvin lost his first tooth

January 26, 2008

Super Duper Delicious Cheesy Omelet for Kids

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On the morning of January 26, 2008, Rich and the kids woke up early, and Rich cooked the boys’ favorite breakfast, “Super Duper Delicious Cheesy Omelet for Kids.” Sorry, the recipe is a closely-guarded secret! All three kids helped mix the eggs and spices, and Rich cooked the omelet. Kristof and Kelvin each took half, while Carmen stuck with bacon only. The omelet was so perfectly cooked that it served as a perfect canvas for ketchup art.

Kristof got his hash name of “Bigfoot” on his omelet.

Bigfoot immortalized in ketchup

Kelvin got his hash name of “Mad Dog.”

It's a dog. No, really!

Carmen decided to have her bacon without ketchup. Luckily for the ketchup artist, because Carmen’s hash name is “Ratatouille.”

Ratatouille wouldn't even fit here!

December 15, 2007

Carmen introduces herself

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We’re trying something new, posting a YouTube video for the first time. Carmen, age 2-1/2, is introducing herself on December 4, 2007, while the family is decorating the Christmas tree (hence the Santa hat). If the clip had subtitles, they’d say, “It’s me, Carmen Lily Roesing. Wait, I want to see!” Click on the Play button to start the video.

October 13, 2007

Hashing on Canadian Thanksgiving 2008

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We’re avid members of the Calgary Hash House Harriers, a drinking club with a running problem. The Calgary hash runs every Monday, year-round. In Canada, Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October, so we went to the Thanksgiving hash in northwest Calgary. It was an afternoon hash, so we brought the kids, who worked their way into a few photos that are now on the Calgary hash web site. Here’s a sample of the photos. If you find yourself in Calgary on a Monday, come out and join us at the hash!

Carmen at the hash

Carmen with Big Country

Kelvin’s hash name is “Mad Dog.” Here’s how he got his name:

Read forward, not backward!

Respectfully submitted,

Big Country

April 2, 2007

January and February 2007

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Here’s a new batch of photos from January-February 2007, including Rich’s 40th birthday and photos of the kids in the snow, with a few photos taken by Kristof. Here’s one photo from the batch:

Carmen out for a walk (photo by Kristof)

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