October 19, 2008

Carmen at the Smithsonian

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It’s great living near Washington DC, with easy access to the excellent museums downtown. Here’s Carmen on October 17, at the National Museum of the American Indian, a Smithsonian museum.

October 18, 2008

Rali and the kids around town

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Here are a few photos of Carmen, Kelvin, Kristof, and Rali around Washington DC and northern Virginia in October 2008. First, here’s Carmen at home, shortly after a kids’ crafts class at the apartment complex where we’re living. The necklace she’s wearing is made of Froot Loops, and no, it didn’t last the day!

Carmen makes (and eats) her own jewelry

On Columbus Day, the whole family went out for a bike ride together. We all rode from Falls Church to Rosslyn, then down the Potomac River to National Airport, then Rali rode on to Mount Vernon while Rich and the kids rode home. We stopped along the Potomac to enjoy the view of the monuments in Washington. Behind Kristof are the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.

Despite all the hustle and bustle of modern life, Carmen always takes time to…never mind, this is too obvious!

These two photos are both from Wednesday, October 15. The boys get out of school early every Wednesday, so Rali and Carmen met them at the bus stop, then they all took the Metro into downtown Washington for a delightful fall afternoon on the National Mall.

October 14, 2008

UPDATE: Kristof’s first hit!

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On Saturday, October 11, against the Rockhounds, Kristof got his very first hit. Luckily, another player’s father caught everything on video. Here’s his full at-bat. The coach awarded him a game ball for his first hit!

October 5, 2008

Kristof at the bat

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Kristof’s been doing better and better in Little League. He’s still hitless for the season, but has had some walks, scored some runs, and had some good at-bats. Here’s how his batting stance has evolved, after just four games:

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