September 22, 2008

Now reporting from the U.S. Capitol…

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On September 21, Rali and the kids visited the excellent Newseum, a fun, interactive journalism museum. Here’s a video Kristof, Kelvin, and Carmen made that day. The Newseum recorded it for us, so we could download it the next day. Here’s our Capitol correspondent:

September 21, 2008

Kristof’s very first baseball game

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The Sand GnatNow that we’re living in the U.S. for almost a year, Kristof has decided to try baseball for the first time, and he’s signed up for the Falls Church Kiwanis Little League. He’s now a proud member of the “Sand Gnats.” What’s a Sand Gnat, you might be asking? I’m guessing the league secured a donation from the Washington Nationals, because a class-A minor league team called the Savannah Sand Gnats used to be affiliated with the Nationals. Here’s the Sand Gnats’ logo, both the Savannah team and Kristof’s team.

Yesterday, September 20, 2008, was the Sand Gnats’ first game this season, so it was Kristof’s first baseball game ever. Here’s historical evidence of Kristof’s very first at-bat: Kristof at the bat

There are a couple other Foreign Service kids on the team too. Since they haven’t grown up watching the game on TV and playing in the backyard, they don’t have all their baseball instincts yet…but they all did their best and really enjoyed the game.

Claws ‘n’ Paws

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On July 29, 2008, the whole family went to Claws ‘n’ Paws Animal Park in Hamlin, PA. It’s a family-friendly (although not very stroller-friendly) zoo in the woods, where Kristof, Kelvin, and Carmen got up close and personal with the animals. Here’s Carmen feeding Twiga the giraffe (“Twiga” is Swahili for “giraffe”). Don’t worry about Carmen’s hand disappearing into Twiga’s mouth; Twiga took only the carrot and gave back Carmen’s hand!

Mmmmm...I'll take some hand with that carrot...

Paleontologists were stunned to find something alive inside these dinosaur eggs:

Kristofasaurus and K-Rex

Carmen’s pretty pink dress didn’t stop her from being especially friendly in the petting zoo:

Always making new friends...

September 7, 2008

…and Kristof’s first 5K

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Not to be outdone by Rali’s 5K yesterday, Kristof wanted to do his own race, so we found a 5K for him to do the very next day: the March of Dimes Bolt for Babies in Arlington, VA. Rali ran along with him, but it was Kristof’s race, and he was the first kid to finish. He never walked, and never stopped to rest. Here’s Kristof crossing the finish line right behind Rali:

Kristof crosses the line

Carmen and Kelvin were very happy to cheer for Kristof. He was in good shape afterwards, but still had a banana to replenish. He says he can’t wait to do it again!

Team Roesing

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