April 12, 2008

Kristof’s 8th birthday party

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This morning was Kristof’s birthday party, held at Bulldog Interactive Fitness, which is a fitness/exercise center for kids. The guests, most around Kristof’s age, had a VERY energetic party–it was a blast! Here’s a photo from the party, with Kristof on the Treadwall, which is a moving climbing wall. Kristof’s climbing record: 116 feet!

Kristof's eighth birthday party

April 6, 2008

It’s Kristof’s birthday!

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Eight years ago today, Kristof joined the family. We went out for breakfast this morning, and here’s how our 8-year-old looked:

Kristof with his birthday pancakes

And just to refresh everyone’s memory, here’s how he looked just eight short years ago:

Kristof at three hours

I think he’s aged pretty gracefully…don’t you? If you’d like to drop him a line, you can email him at kristof at

April 5, 2008

Cleaning up after the March 16 snow

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The kids helped shovel snow after the March 16 snowstorm (that’s the one in which Rali ran the 10k race, below). We have only one snow shovel, so the kids took turns. Kelvin used a broom and rake to clean around the side of the house. Here’s Carmen on the front sidewalk.

Carmen in the snow

And after she got tired, she handed the shovel off to Kristof, who cleaned the back porch.

Kristof cleans the porch

The kids on the playground

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Here’s a photo of Kristof, Kelvin, and Carmen (l-r) on a Calgary playground on March 7, 2008. Kelvin and Kristof chose this photo for posting. Kristof says, “This photo was at Rotary Park. Rotary Park also has a wading pool, but we didn’t go wading that day!”

The kids on the playground

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