Before any of the May 6 parties, the kids were already ready for fun.

Carmen wore a new dress for her birthday.

And Rali wore a new skirt as well!

The birthday cheesecake.

Like many children, Carmen was unable to wait for the official cutting of the cake in order to sample it.

At just one year of age, Carmen didn't get the concept of blowing out the candle, so her brothers helped.

And Kristof embraced the honorable tradition of licking the birthday candle.

While the rest of the birthday guests enjoyed the cake, Carmen was happy to sit on her own and enjoy some mulch instead.

Later in the afternoon, we went to another birthday party, where Carmen enjoyed a slice of pizza. Notice the bites of the pizza she's taken. Pretty good for having only four teeth!

Although Carmen's been standing on her own and taking a few steps here and there for a few weeks now, she really started walking ambitiously just before her birthday. Here, on the afternoon of her birthday, she started walking in the backyard toward the house.

...and kept going...

...and going...

...and going...

...until she reached the house.

Later in the evening, I set up a lawn sprinkler in the backyard. The boys found it irresistible. Kelvin is in mid-leap here.

The water was cold, and the air was getting cool. We decided it was time for the boys to come inside when their lips were blue. They were willing to keep going, of course!